Christmas T-shirt Campaign

IT’S HERE! Our Cardi Christmas Tee Shirt Campaign opens NOW! (Benefiting the NWCWCF club)

This campaign will run for 15 days and will ship out on November 29th so you can wear your shirts to the Specialty in December! With that said, we can run another campaign for those wanting shirts for Christmas gifts. Those can arrive closer to the 25th of December.

This is the design that goes best on darker colored items so those were the colors that we chose. You only get 5-color choices per item. If you would really like another color, please let us know and ifwe can swap a less popular color out for one you like, we will.

In a couple of days, we will launch another campaign which will have the design that will be best on lighter/ brighter colored shirts. It will have a different name so be sure you are ordering from the campaign that best suits your color tastes.

To order: Click on the link which will take you to our store. From there, it will show you a list of shirt types from which to choose. When you choose a shirt, you will then choose a size and color and then add to your cart. You can choose multiple types of shirts and colors. Then check out with your credit card and once we meet our 50 items minimum sale, our items will be printed and sent directly to our homes. If we hit the 50 before our 15-day goal, our shirts will ship earlier, if we don’t hit the 50, they will still ship on the 15 day end of campaign date. Once the sale is done, no worries, it then becomes a single sale store and you can still order, we just don’t have a goal to hit before we ship and we make less money per item.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you once again to Kaylee Davidson for the fun design, to Emily Fish for the “Ginger Bread Man” idea and to Demanda for once again running amok in 2023! This time through Santa’s Workshop!
Enjoy Everyone!

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