Trophy Sponsorships – Puppy Sweepstakes


Choose no class for Best or Best Opposite.

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Red classes are already sponsored. Sponsorships are not final until cart is checked out and payment received.

Award Amount of donation Sponsored
1Best Puppy in Sweeps $50.00
2Best Opp Puppy in Sweeps $30.00 Yes
4First 6-9 month Puppy Dog $10.00 Yes
5First 9-12 month Puppy Dog $10.00 Yes
6First 12-15 month Puppy Dog $10.00 Yes
7First 15-18 month Puppy Dog $10.00 Yes
9First 6-9 month Puppy Bitch $10.00 Yes
10First 9-12 month Puppy Bitch $10.00 Yes
11First 12-15 month Puppy Bitch $10.00 Yes
12First 15-18 month Puppy Bitch $10.00 Yes
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