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As many of you know we have some big changes coming to the Kennewick, WA weekend due to the fact that Walla Walla KC is now holding an all breed show on Friday.  Our specialty will still be held on Friday as usual and will start at 1 pm.  Breed judging and Juniors will happen at this time. They are going to have a special ring for us so we can have our own area for our specialty, it will not be in the all breed rings.  Walla Walla KC Cardigan breed will happen in the morning before our specialty and they will schedule Herding group last in hopes that the breed winner will have no problem competing in both the specialty and the group that day.  We will then be having our dinner and festivities as per normal on Friday evening with John Phillip in charge of dinner like we had last year (and wasn’t that awesome food?!).

We will be moving puppy and veteran sweepstakes to Saturday and designate that show as a Supported Entry.  This will help our puppies be in the ring twice on Friday and Saturday instead of three times on Friday.  It will also help us with daylight hours on Friday as we will be starting our specialty later on.  We will then have our potluck and meeting on Saturday evening as per usual.

The all breed clubs are offering Friday and Sunday 4-6 month puppy classes so we will skip having 4-6 month puppy at our specialty.  This past year we had no entries and we are trying to cut time and paperwork.

The all breed clubs are offering OH groups every day and PeeWees one day.  Plus they are continuing with their Junior Showmanship Scholarships.

Obedience/rally will happen on Sat/Sun as per usual with Columbia Basin club but there will not be any Obed/Rally on Friday.  We will support Obedience and Rally as per usual on Saturday as part of the supported entry that day.  We have the option to develop a Friday Cardigan Only trial if we would like in the future but Dayl feels like it’s too much with the changes this year to attempt.  If anyone would like to explore this option for 2020, please let us know.

Our judges for the all breed days are Peri Norman Friday, Judith Brown Saturday, and Terry DePietro on Sunday.  All three are strong herding pulls so I think that is positive.  Paul Chen will be judging our specialty.  Sweepstakes judge is pending right now.

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