2012 Critique – Regular

From Jonathan Kimes:

Thank you to the Cardigan Fanciers of the NorthWest for the invitation to judge this important show.  The venue was lovely.  Overall the collection of dogs was an attractive display, and while silhouettes in the main were good, more attention must be paid to forehand and fronts – this is where I found many of my decisions being made.  Thank you to the club for the lovely hospitality and I enjoyed the after show picnic.  Thank you for the lovely gift card and smoked salmon gifts.

Puppy Dogs, 6-9 mos.

1st        DAVENITCH TAG YOUR IT.  BREEDER: Connie Whan. By Ch Cerridwen Davenitch Believe in Him-Ch Davenitch Shooting Star Angelica. OWNER: Carolyn Tompkins Jennifer Outhet Angelia Hall. Brindle/white, lovely outline with beautiful length, topline, good reach of neck, very good silhouette, nice bone, nice head piece, too slack in the pasterns and not clean going away, good sidegait.


2nd        COEDWIG’S THE UNUSUAL SUSPECT. BREEDER: Kim Shira Leo Eickhoff. By Ch Coedwig’s Malachite-Ch Coedwig’s Blue Dahlia. OWNER: Janette Bower.  Blue merle/white, nice head profile but too strong in the backskull, ears too close together, decent outline, good bone, would like better angulation in the forehand, stronger on the go than the puppy ahead of him.


3rd        EBONWALD’S DIRTY LITTLE LOVE SONG. BREEDER: Garrett M. Ramsay. By Ch GCH Shadowalk Higgins-Ch Merrymoon Ebonwald I’m A Q.T.. OWNER: Garrett M Ramsay.  Brindle/white, less mature than his competitors, good topline, nice neck, adequate bone, wasn’t fond of his expression needing more chiseling under the eye, muzzle needs to be shorter, hocks too long, needs a little more length, came a little wide.

Puppy Dogs, 9-12 mos.


1st        C-MYSTE BALEDWR PILOT FLIES OVER SPYROCK. BREEDER: C Cannon A Katasse D Waiting M Hanselman. By GCH C-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree-CH C-Myste Baledwr Kumalie. OWNER: A Glenn Schieffer.  Brindle pointed black/white, good length, nice profile, good bone, nice prosternum, a bit more turn in front than I prefer, would like more work in his head and a shorter muzzle, good topline, moderate movement.


2nd        WELLSHIRE STARBUCK. BREEDER: Paula Weller and Eric Weller. By Ch Aurigan Dunes National Treasure-Ch Wellshire Lucky Star. OWNER: Paula Weller and Eric Weller. Brindle/white, clean outline on this dog with very nice sidegait, a little too coarse in the backskull, not enough bone and overall less substance than above, would like more drive in the rear.


3rd        SAMHAIN’S BUMP IN THE NIGHT. BREEDER: Kim Kiefer & Mark Thorson. By Ch Coedwig’s Alchemist-Coedwig’s To Dance With The White Dog. OWNER: Kim Kiefer & Mark Thorson.  Good bone and substance, nice overall type, too straight in upper arm, similar type to #1 with a shorter muzzle, adequate moving but worked his front too hard.


4th        AFARA XXPECT A STORM. BREEDER: P Chen. By Ch Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered-Ch Afara Julianna. OWNER: P Chen. Tricolor, clean outline, very forward in his forehand, a lot of play in his front on the come, nice headpiece, decent bone for his type, modest length, good driving rear.

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs  – a competitive class


1st        MERRYTHOUGHT THE KEEPING QUILT. BREEDER: Ann Benjamin Kim Shira Leda Thompson. By Ch Pecan Valley Blue Thunder-GCh Coedwigs The Quiltmaker. OWNER: Ann Benjamin.  Brindle pointed black/white, really pretty type on this dog, good bone, lovely head with nice soft muzzle, decent reach of neck, good body depth, decent coming and going and nice enough sidegait, clean front.  He had type, bone, substance, and quality.


2nd        TORETH’S JINGLE BELL ROCK. BREEDER: Leo-Cadie Washburn. By Ch Shadowalk Trademark-Ch Toreth C-Myste Rollin’ On The River. OWNER: Le’o Washburn. Brindle pointed black/white, obviously much less mature than #1, super side gaiter and nice coming and going, needs more depth of body, not the length of the dog above him, good topline, would like muzzle a little shorter and a kinder eye, a quality dog.


3rd        TOSHAY’S INFINITY AND BEYOND. BREEDER: Denise Waiting. By Ch Twinroc Santa Paws-Ch Toshay’s Firefly. OWNER: Denise Waiting. Brindle/white, very pretty boy, beautiful neck, good length, nice loin, good bone, a little too close in front, would like better let down hocks, nice coming and going, needs more confidence in the ring.

American Bred Dogs


1st        TORETH’S REQUESTING A FLY-BY. BREEDER: Le’o Cadie-Washburn. By Ch Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered-Ch Coedwigs Sail On A Silver Girl. OWNER: Nicki Short. Tan pointed blue merle/white, nice length, good topline, good reach of neck, reasonable head but muzzle could be shorter, a little straight in front, decent bone, modest rear, sidegait nice although working his front a little hard.


Open Dogs


1st        YASASHIIKUMA RCR SIERRA NEVADA. BREEDER: Shelley Camm. By Ch Merrymoon Firestorm-Ch Yasashiikuma Scirocco. OWNER: Jennifer Roundtree.  Sable/white, nice head proportion although a little rough in backskull, nice neck, good topline, good bone, nice length, would like better angles in the forehand, movement fine coming and going and adequate from the side. Unfortunately, he is much too large.







Puppy Bitches, 6-9 mos.


1st        COEDWIG’S BABY BLEU MY MIND. BREEDER: Kim Kiefer Jason & Alta Hertz Kim Shira. By Ch Coedwig’s Unwavering Protector PT-Ch Samhain Trinity Rvr Katie Lorene. OWNER: Sandra Poulson Kim Shira.  Beautiful blue merle bitch, full of quality, good length, good head proportion, good ears, sweet expression, lovely bone, good front, excellent in type, beautiful feet, adequate mover.


2nd       TORETH’S REBOUND TURNAROUND. BREEDER: A Camille Ortale. By Ch Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered-Ch Coedwig’s Sail On Silvergirl. OWNER: Le’o Washburn.  Tricolor, very well structured with excellent return of upper arm, good angles, good topline, covered the ground really well.  Too fine in bone and too fine in head.


3rd        SHADOWALK GALENA. BREEDER: Owners. By Yardican Black Knight-Ch Shadowalk In The Nikk Of Time. OWNER: Susan & D. A. Lassila. Brindle /white, typier than #2, nice head proportion, nice bone, too rounded in her croup, not quite the wrap desired needing better angle of upper arm, but a nice overall type.


4th        TORETH’S GAME CHANGER. BREEDER: A Camille Ortale. By Ch Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered-Ch CH Coedwig’s Sail On Silvergirl. OWNER: Le’o Washburn. Similar to #2 in outlook, but that much dryer in type, more stark expression than #2, moved well but not as well as #2.



Puppy Bitches, 9-12 mos


1st        AURIGAN MANTLE STORYTELLER. BREEDER: Dayl Phillip Pam Bennett. By Ch Tailbrite Beltane Dark Befor Dawn-Ch Aurigan Mantle Eye Candy. OWNER: Karen LaVerne Dayl Phillip. Brindle/white, very typey, beautiful bone and substance and very pretty head with excellent ears, nice clean front, striking outline, covers the ground well, she made a lovely silhouette.


2nd       AFARA XXQUISITE. BREEDER: P Chen. By Ch Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered-Ch Afara Julianna. OWNER: P Chen. Tricolor, different type to #1, I would prefer a little more bone on this girl, beautiful outline, good length, good topline, lovely neck, exceptionally good on the sidegait, nice rear going with a little play in the front on the come, head well proportioned and balanced to body but would like a larger eye and ear.  She pushed #1 in this class.


3rd        PAWCIFIC LION QUEEN. BREEDER: Emily Fish. By CH Dunes  Not All Treasure Is Silver & Gold-Shadowalk Nola. OWNER: Kim Shira & Leo Eickhoff.  Red/white, really pretty headed bitch, nice overall type, good length, good topline, would like her better let down in the brisket, could have used herself better moving.


4th        SAMHAIN’S WITCHCRAFT AT GRANDIOSE. BREEDER: Kim Kiefer & Mark Thorson. By Ch Coedwig’s Alchemist-Coedwig’s To Dance With The White Dog. OWNER: Jessica Viera Kim Kiefer & Mark Thorson.  Blue merle, good bone, good topline, rather long foreface with rather wide, lazy ears, stood too close in front, moved OK although a bit labored.



12 to 18 mos. Bitches – Unfortunately my recorder taped over this class.


1st        TOSHAYS YOU HAD ME AT HELLO. BREEDER: Denise Waiting. By Ch Twinroc Santa Paws-Ch Toshay’s Firefly. OWNER: Amanda Katasse and Denise Waiting. Brindle/white, very elegant bitch, long neck, lovely smooth blend into her topline, good length, good bone, moved nicely.


2nd       SUNSHINE’S CARBON BLUEPRINT. BREEDER: James H. Berry Jr. & Debra A. Berry. By Ch Coedwig’s Carbon Blue-Ch Cheysuli’s Hot Fudge Sundae. OWNER: James H. Berry Jr. & Debra A. Berry


3rd        MANTLE-AURIGAN PIDE PIPER. BREEDER: Pamela Bennett & Dayl Phillip. By Ch Aurigan Danes National Treasure-Ch Rememberance Brecca. OWNER: Pamela Bennett & Dayl Phillip. AGENT: Angelia Hall


4th        AURIGAN BAZINGA. BREEDER: Dayl Phillip Barbara Walden. By Ch Dunes Not All Treasure Is Silver and Gold-Ch Aurigan MP Primary Attraction. OWNER: Dayl Phillip

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches


1st        TORETH’S WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. BREEDER: Kim Shira & Leo-Cadie Washburn. By Ch Coedwig’s Malachite PT-Ch Coedwig’s Sail On Silvergirl. OWNER: Leo-Cadie Washburn. Brindle pointed blue merle/white, pretty outline, pretty head and like how it balances well with her body, lovely prosternum, good topline standing, good reach of neck, decent bone, OK in front, comes OK but a little close on the go, her topline arches on the sidegait but covers the ground well.


2nd       SAMHAIN’S NEON CINDERELLA. BREEDER: Kim Kiefer & Mark Thorson. By Ch Coedwig’s Alchemist-Coedwig’s To Dance With The White Dog. OWNER: Kim Kiefer & Mark Thorson. Tan pointed blue merle/white, nice type bitch as well, nice head, not as glamorous as #1, straighter forehand than #1, doesn’t use herself quite as good on the go around as the bitch above her but a good bitch.


3rd        TYLWYTH’S BEAUTIFUL BLUE ANGELITE. BREEDER: A. Hertz J. Hertz K. Kiefer K. Shira M. Thors. By Ch CH Coedwig’s Unwavering Protector PT-Ch Samhain Trinity Rvr Katie Lorene. OWNER: Alta Hertz and Jason Hertz. Blue merle and white, heavily boned, too short legged and not well enough angulated giving something of a hammock look to her outline, pretty head and beautiful blue eyes, good reach of neck.



American Bred Bitches


1st        BEAGUILE GOOD TO THE LAST DROP. BREEDER: Ms Ferris Beashau & Emily Banaszak. By Ch Shadowalk Trademark-Ch Beaszak’s Running with Scissors. OWNER: Terry DeVine. Brindle pointed black/white, not a glamorous bitch but a good bitch, decent head proportions, decent neck, nice topline, nice forehand, I like her angulation fore and aft, good length, very pretty sidegait, coming she could be tidier with how the legs wrap the forechest.



Open Bitches


1st        TAILBRITE TRISKELE. BREEDER: Terry DeVine. By Bdragons Royal Diamond Flush-Ch Tailbrite Triskele. OWNER: Dayl Phillip Terry DeVine. Brindle/white, very intense, showy bitch, much to like in this package with a pretty head, good neck, nice outline, uses herself very well on the move in all directions, she is a little short-legged for me and there is an arch in her topline on the go around.  Very competitive on the day.


2nd       COEDWIG’S TYLWYTH GRACEFUL ENCHANTMENT. BREEDER: Kim Shira & LeÍ-Cadie Washburn. By Ch Coedwig’s Malachite PT-Ch Coedwig’s Sail on Silvergirl. OWNER: Alta Hertz Jason Hertz Kim Shira. Brindle pointed black/white, a lot of quality in this bitch, very soft and smooth muzzle, pretty head, sweet expression, nice type, nice bone, tidy front, would like a little more angulation fore and aft, nice length of neck, could be stronger on the go.


3rd        C-MYSTE BALEDWR SN SUMMERTIME BLUES. BREEDER: Megan Hanselman Carolyn Cannon Mandy Katasse. By Ch Baledwr Cadwaladr-Ch C-Myste Baledwr Kumalie. OWNER: Megan Hanselman Carolyn Cannon Mandy Katasse.  Brindle pointed blue merle/white, nice reach of neck, good length, nice sidegait, would improve her coming, nice bone, decent overall.


4th        AFARA MAKE A WISH CD RE. BREEDER: Paul Chen. By CH Wolfrun Afara Far And Away-Afara Zoetrope. OWNER: Carol Edmunds. Brindle pointed black/white, tidy bitch, not showing well today, a little steppy on the go round, nice eye, decent topline, a little straight in front.




Reserve Winners Bitch  TOSHAYS YOU HAD ME AT HELLO



Veteran Bitches


1st        GCH WOLFRUN COEDWIG’S ANGELOU. BREEDER: Louise & Juniper Betts. By Ch Coedwig’s Carbon Blue-Ch Aurigan Wolfrun Brandywine. OWNER: Leo Eickhoff & Kim Shira. Brindle pointed black/white, showing well, nice head, nice reach of neck, good substance, good bone, would like more angulation in the forehand, covered the ground well.


2nd       CH MARIEL REESE’S ALICE SPRINGS. BREEDER: Michelle Navarre & Marian Mizelle. By Ch Reese’s Bold As Brass-Ch Ironhill Valentine To Mariel CD. OWNER: Jennifer Kramer & Amanda Katasse & Carolyn Cannon. Brindle/white, I had this bitch in the ring a few years ago and considered her top rung; still a lovely bitch with beautiful length, lovely neck, good shoulders, good topline, but at 12 years old showing some age and couldn’t compete today with the above bitch very much her junior.


3rd        CH WINDSHYRE STORMY WEATHER. BREEDER: Carolyn Huff & E E Bishop. By Ch Phi-Vestavia Inkling-Ch Hedgerow BJ’s Rum Raisin. OWNER: Mandy Katasse & Tavia Ewen & Carolyn Cannon.  Tricolor, beautifully headed, good bone, not as angled as one would want nor as strong moving, but making up a trio of three lovely veteran bitches.



Best of Breed

CH C-MYSTE BALEDWR FREE TO DISAGREE. BREEDER: Carolyn Cannon & Amanda Katasse & Jennifer Kramer. By Ch Merrymoon Firestorm-Ch Mariel Reese’s Alice Springs. OWNER: Amanda Katasse & Carolyn Cannon. Brindle/white, this dog excelled his way to the top today with excellent balance and type manifested with quite a bit of quality, lovely head and well proportioned to his body, reachy neck flowing into his topline, very good bone, stands a little close in front but neatly, good topline.  Moves well coming and going, a little flip of the foot on the go round but nice open sidegait.


Best of Winners

            AURIGAN MANTLE STORYTELLER – stunning outline


Best of Opposite Sex

            CH WELLSHIRE QUEEN OF HEARTS. BREEDER: Paula and Eric Weller. By Ch C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit Of Happiness CD HT-Wellshire Lady Luck. OWNER: Paula B. Weller and Eric Weller. Brindle/white substantial bitch, good brisket, good bone, topline good, sound moving, not glamorous but well endowed with essentials.


Select Dog

            CH GCH ALLEGRO SOUTHERN CHARM. BREEDER: Jeri Lamy. By Ch GCH C-Myste Baledwr Free To Disagree-Ch Snowrose Poetic Charm. OWNER: Jeri Lamy. Very pretty dog with top notch outline, deep chest, flowing body lines,, I would make a few technical modifications to his head but he moved well and impressed me from the onset.


Select Bitch

            CH AFARA JULIANNA. BREEDER: C Hansen. By Ch Tafarnwr Dreadnought-Ch Afara Zaphira. OWNER: P Chen. Brindle pointed blue merle/white striking bitch with impressive outline excelling in body length, topline, prosternum, good balance of head to body and moving really well with a spectacular sidegait.  I would give her a smidgeon more leg, her bone is just adequate and her coat she left sitting at home but too many virtues to stand very far down the line.


Award of Merits

GCH COEDWIG’S THE QUILTMAKER. BREEDER: Kim Shira Leo Eickhoff. By CH Coedwig’s Malachite-CH FRM Moneypenny. OWNER: Ann N Benjamin Kim Shira Leda Thompson. Brindle pointed black/white, very pretty bitch in the hunt to the end, she has very pleasing overall type, pretty head, good bone, nice substance, very neat front, I would give her more a little more reach in front.


GCH WOLFRUN COEDWIG’S ANGELOU – lovely overall outlook.


MERRYTHOUGHT THE KEEPING QUILT – the more I looked at this dog, the more I liked him.




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