Photo Contest

NWCF 2014 Photo Contest

Thank you all for participating in our Annual Photo Contest.  This was our first on-line contest and it was a learning experience for all of us.  Next year watch for even more improvements.

Voting ended on September 21st.  See the winners below, and you can still see all of the entries on these links:

We will have a slideshow of all entries available at our specialty on September 26th.

 The Winners are (click for larger images):

Best In Show and First place in Portrait.  "Phoebe" by Mandy Katasse.

Best In Show and First place in Portrait – “Phoebe” by Mandy Katasse

Portrait #4

Second Place Portrait – Kim Boggs

Portrait #24

Third Place Portrait – Mandy Katasse


First Place in Puppy -"Three Tris" by Patti Mortensen

First Place in Puppy -“Three Tris” by Patti Mortensen

Puppy #5

Second Place Puppy – Mark Thorson

Puppy #8

Third Place Puppy – Carolyn Tompkins


First place in Comedy - Charlie and Gary Anderson

First place in Comedy – by Charlie and Gary Anderson

Comedy #9

Second Place Comedy – Kim Ferrara

Comedy #13

Third Place Comedy – Kathy Miller


First Place in Action - by Candy Camin

First Place in Action – by Candy Camin

Action #5

Second Place Action – Carolyn Cannon

Action #6

Third Place Action – Mandy Katasse


Photoshop #1

First Place Photoshop: by Candy Camin


Professional #4 - Today The Dog Tomorrow The World

First Place Professional – “Today The Dog Tomorrow The World” by Jennifer Short

Professional #3 - The Fab Five

Second Place Professional – “The Fab Five” by Jennifer Short

Professional #1 - The Parking Lot

Third Place Professional – “The Parking Lot” by Jennifer Short

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