2018 Specialty Critiques

Individual Critiques from Tom Stewart

First, judge would like to thank the NWCF for inviting me to judge.  I had a wonderful time and saw a bunch of great dogs.  As I point out more than once in my critiques, the number of correct forechest/prosternum assemblies I saw was impressive.  As you read these critiques I ask you to remember that this is one judge’s opinion of the dog/bitch on this given day.  I would also like to thank the NWCF folks for such wonderful hospitality and the chance to see and chat with so many people.

9-12 Puppy Dogs 

  1. Wonderland Lord Donner of Plum: Beautiful youngster.  He has a wonderful, deep forechest with a nicely prominent prosternum.  His rear angles are well-constructed.  An overall nice youngster. 
  1. Coedwig’s Captain Sunshine:  Pretty sable boy.  Again, another pretty forechest.  Nice head.  Would have liked to see more balance and a better angle to the rear, but, at this age, the parts are sometimes waiting to catch up with each other.
  1. Coedwig’s Mercury Comet of Currin Creek: Nice head piece on this youngster.  Again, another nice forechest.  Riding high in the rear which affected his topline.  In nice coat with a rich tone to the black.

12-15 Month Dogs 

  1. (Winners Dog)  Shadowalk Reno:  Nicely balanced boy.   Very smooth moving around the ring.  Correct topline and nice rear. 
  1. Aurigan Simayaks Mark of Zorro: Nice, correct headpiece.  Just a little nervous in the ring, but nothing that maturity shouldn’t fix.

15-18 Month Dogs 

  1. Pawcific Into the Woods: Nice level topline, very striking red tri. Going through a teen growing stage, waiting for the body to catch up with the legs.  

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs 

  1. (Reserve Winners Dog) Coedwig’s Black Diamond: Nice moving black dog.  Properly angulated.  Would have liked to see a more masculine head, but that can come with age. 
  1. Toshay’s Grand Illusion: Nicely angled rear. Shoulder slightly straighter than desired, which limited movement slightly. 
  1. Indium To The Hilt With Toreth: Nice blue boy.  Well angled and nice moving.  He was, unfortunately, very reactive on the table exam so it is difficult to evaluate some of his construction.  (Note: I was able to observe this boy all weekend and, on Sunday, he did fine on the table, which told me his reactions were not a temperament issue, but an environmental reaction or a reaction to me).

Open Dogs 

  1. Toshay’s Beaumaris: Nice topline, again another beautiful forechest.  Slightly shorter coupled and somewhat straighter in the rear, which limited his sidegate somewhat. 
  1. Toreth Indium Lightning Thief: Nice topline, well-angled rear.  Would have liked to see a better shoulder layback, which would have given a more flowing neck into the topline look. 
  1. Coedwig’s Jack of All Trades: Smaller boy.  Lovely, proper coat.  Would like to see more substance/bone on this boy.  

6-9 Puppy Bitches 

  1. (Reserve Winners Bitch/Best Puppy) Redbud Bluskyy’s Leap of Faith: Pretty brindle puppy.  Nice movement, properly angled.  A little up on leg, but to be expected given the age. 
  1. Mariel’s Sprig of Parsley: Nice headpiece.  Good rear angles.  Would have liked to see a little better shoulder layback.  Lovely red color. 

9-12 Puppy Bitches:

  1. Aurigan Ava Sings the Blues:  Wonderfully moving blue girl.  Well angulated with, again, a beautiful forechest. 
  1. High Prairie Mairwne of Currin Creek: A very feminine girl.  Well-assembled rear.  A little high in the rear of the topline  

12-15 Month Puppy Bitches

  1. (Winners Bitch/Best of Winners) Redbud Oak Leaf and a Little Merrythought:  Well-balanced and nice movement on this girl.  Very sweet temperament. 
  1. Toshay’s Equinox: Well-angled but did not seem to want to use al of it on this particular day.  
  1. Car-Rae’s Pandemonium: Nice rear angles.  A little fine-boned and a little high in the rear.  Very focused. 
  1. Coedwig’s Painted Rose: A little uncertain about things.  Pretty headpiece with striking tan points.  

15-18 Month Bitches 

  1. Pawcific by the Laurel Tree:  Another correct forechest.  Overall nice front assembly.  Straighter in the rear made her a little off-balanced. 

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches 

  1. Samhain’s Garden Party: Pretty sable girl.  A little straight in the rear.  Presented herself well.

Open Bitches 

  1. Aurigan Timepiece’s Sweet Caroline: Nice head but would like a more rounded ear. Correct front but straight rear limited movement.  

Veteran Dogs 

  1. C-Myste Baledwr SN Surfin’s USA BN RA OAP OJP OFP CGC  Very athletic and sound.  A little lighter in bone, but this has contributed to the nice number of performance titles after his name. 
  1. GCH Aurigan Mantle Eye of the Tiger: Distinguished   Moved nicely around the ring.  Just a little straight in the rear

Veteran Bitches 

  1. (Select/Best Veteran) GCH Grangefield Aberdovey Vanity: A perfect example of how well our breed ages.  She moved nicely and showed minimal, if any, slowing down for 11 years old. 
  1. GCH Coedwig’s the Quiltmaker: Nice feminine girl.  Moved nicely but would have liked to see just a little more shoulder layback. 

Best of Breed Competition:

Before giving individual critiques on the winners, I would like to point out that this was a very tough group of Cardigans to judge.  The depth of quality made my job as a judge both difficult and enjoyable.  I want to thank everyone who showed to me.

Best of Breed:  GCH CH Toreth’s Tungsten Archer:  A beautiful moving dog.  He has everything in moderation, which makes for a wonderful package.  Very striking silhouette.

Best of Winners:  Redbud Oak Leaf and a Little Merrythought:  Well-balanced and nice movement on this girl.  Very sweet temperament.

Best of Opposite Sex/Best of Breed Owner-handler:  CH Aurigan Supreme Corvette HSAsd:  Long, lovely outline.  Nice mover.  Stunning black coat and pretty head.

Select Dog:  GCH Pawcific I Walk with the King CAA BCAT:  Another great mover.  Nice masculine headpiece.

Select Bitch/Best Veteran: GCH Grangefield Aberdovey Vanity:  A perfect example of how well our breed ages.  She moved nicely and showed minimal, if any, slowing down for 11 years old.

Awards of Merit:

CH Timepiece’s I Am I Said:  A nice typey girl.  Another nice mover.

GCH Toreth’s Requesting a Fly-by:  Beautiful blue boy.  Very striking markings and a nice mover.

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